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Ayurveda & Spa
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The Healing Touch
Ayurveda is probably India’s best known contribution to the field of medicine. This traditional method of healing the mind and body relies heavily on herbs and other natural substances. There are a number of health spas around the country which use ayurveda, particularly its oil-and-massage technique, for holistic healing.
Quick Facts
  • Ayurveda is used for its curative properties as well as for its therapeutic properties
  • The ayurveda texts date back to about 3000 BC, but the system of medicine is still practiced today
Popular Attractions
  • The state of Kerala is the hub of ayurveda practitioners and ayurvedic spas. There are facilities here to suit a range of different tastes and budgets. So while there are some ayurveda centres that provide only basic amenities focusing on the treatment itself rather than the ambience, there are others where one can get the healing touch in a 5-star setting. The tourist has a myriad choices regarding where he or she would like the ayurveda experience to happen – in a two century old retreat with antique furniture; in a spa set against the backwaters; somewhere amidst the hilly terrains of Thekkady; or in a simple non-AC cottage
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • Spas using treatments other than ayurveda are also accessible in India, many having distinctive features. Some spas in Rajasthan, for instance, offer exotic pleasures like sand bundle massages, flower baths, rose-sandalwood wraps and turmeric skin purifiers. Others provide a combination of Indian and western therapies while still others use techniques like hydrotherapy
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