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Fairs & Festivals
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The Indian Festivals!
Fairs and festivals are a huge part of India’s cultural heritage. Festivals may be celebrated to mark a new season or year, in honour of a certain deity or to celebrate a certain mythological or historical event. It is a time of much fun and fanfare, prayers and rituals, music and dance and some mouth-watering culinary delights.
Fairs may or may not be held around the time of a festival. People gather during a fair to trade, participate in contests and games and for some general merry-making. Fairs are also known to reflect the local ethos and promote local handicrafts and art forms..
Quick Facts
  • Fasting at festivals is common. Hindus all over India observe fast on festivals like Navaratri, Shivratri and Karwa Chauth. Navaratri is a festival when people fast for nine days
India Festival TourMonth
Hampi Utsav - Karnataka Jan 2015
Kite Festival, Gujarat Jan 2015
Modhera Dance Festival, Gujarat Jan 2015
20th to 22nd
Mahashivratri, Varanasi Feb 2014
Desert Festival, Jaisalmer Feb 2015
01st to 03rd
Khajuraho Dance Festival, Khajuraho Feb 2014
20th to 26th
International Yoga Week, Rishikesh Mar 2014
01st to 07th
Elephant Festival, Jaipur Mar 2014
Holi, Northern India Mar 2014
Gangaur Festival, Jaipur Mar 2014
22nd to 23rd
Mewar Festival, Udaipur Mar 2014
22nd to 24th
Baisakhi, Amritsar Apr 2014
Thrissur Pooram, Kerala Elephant Festival May 2014
Puri Rath Yatra, Orissa Jun 2014
Hemis Festival, Leh Jul 2014
07th to 08th
Dak-Thok Festival, Leh Aug 2014
06th to 07th
Snake Boat Race (Nehru Trophy), Kerala  Aug 2014
Janamasthami, Mathura Aug 2014
Kumarakom Boat Race, Kerala Sep 2014
Ladakh Festival, Leh Sep 2014
01st to 15th
Ganesh Utsav, Mumbai Aug 2014
Navratra Festival, Gujarat Sep - Oct 2014
25th to 03rd
Durga Puja Festival, Kolkata Sep - Oct 2014
29th to 04th
Dussehra, Kullu and Mysore Oct 2014
Marwar Festival, Jodhpur Oct 2014
07th to 08th
Rajasthan International Folk Festival Oct 2014
08th to 12th
Diwali, India Nov 2014
Pushkar Camel Fair, Rajasthan Oct - Nov 2014
28th to 06th
Puri Beach Festival, Orissa Nov 2014
Konark Dance Festival, Orissa Dec 2014
01st to 05th
Hornbill Festival, Nagaland Dec 2014
01st to 10th
Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Tamilnadu Dec - Jan
25th to 25th
* Please re-check with us on dates. subject to change

Kumbh Mela, Nasik - Main Bathing DatesAug - Sep 201529th, 13th & 18th
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • Depending on your travel dates, India Travellers suggests possible festivals around that date to include them as feasible. Some time visit to Fair, Festivals and Events are spontaneous. If you are interested in attending a particular fair-festival during your trip, we can plan it in advance. Contact us here to explore the possibilities. Click here...
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