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The land of Kamasutra!
This group of 21 temples in the state of Madhya Pradesh has some intricate sculptures of nymphs, banquets, musicians and dancers. However, it is most famous for its explicit depiction of erotica, something that’s truly unique in terms of temple architecture. Built by the Hindu Chandela dynasty in the 10th century, the temples have been declared as a World Heritage Site.
Quick Facts
  • The Khajuraho temples comprise of three clusters – the western group, eastern group and southern group – that are situated a few kilometers away from each other
  • They have withstood the test of time, having escaped the onslaught of the Muslim invaders in India due to their remote location
Popular Attractions
  • Temples of Khajuraho
  • The Ken Crocodile Sanctuary is a great place to see crocodiles in their natural habitat
  • Panna National Park, an hour away from Khajuraho near the river Ken, has many species of wildlife, including tigers and panthers. En route is the Pandav waterfall, which is quite a picturesque spot
  • Bandhavgarh Fort on the Vindhya mountain range dates back to the 14th century. Close to the fort are a number of caves with inscriptions. The Bhandavgarh National Park is also close by
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • Hindi and English story sessions are held every evening near the western group of temples, replete with light and sound effects. Each session lasts for less than half an hour. The temple backdrop provides a unique ambience
  • The Khajuraho Dance Festival, held in the last week of February every year, showcases a number of classical Indian dance forms in a splendid ambience outside the environs of the western group of temples
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