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Little Runn of Kutch
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The desert region of Gujarat
Kutch is fascinating despite the dry heat and barren landscapes. Its tribal villages have some of the most artistic people, so you find houses with multi-coloured doors and windows, public transport painted in various hues and attire that is exceptionally vibrant. Everything you set your eyes on has intricate designs and patterns. It’s almost like people use inspiring art to beat the harsh living conditions of the desert..
Quick Facts
  • A large part of the Kutch region comprises of The Great Rann of Kutch and the Little Rann of Kutch, which lie next to each other. ‘Rann’ means ‘salt-marsh’
  • A part of the Great Rann lies in Pakistan
Popular Attractions
  • The little tribal villages, as mentioned above, are definitely worth visiting. Dasada in the Little Rann is inhabited by pastoral communities including the Vadiara Rabaris and Bharwads. There are also nomadic/semi-nomadic groups like the Mirs and Bajanias.
  • For traveler accommodation, there are many resorts that have been modeled on the style of the actual village houses. The Hudko lodges provide an example of Kutchi architecture
  • The two Ranns have their own unique eco-system and many wildlife sanctuaries. During certain seasons, one can even see flamingoes. The Little Rann is one of the few places where one gets to see the endangered Indian Wild Ass
  • The Lalit Mahal Palace in Mandvi region of Kutch is extremely elegant. Some members of the erstwhile royal family still reside here
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • The tribal villages have many artisans from whom one can buy, among other things, some exceptionally beautiful bedspreads and shawls
  • Jeep-tours around the region can be tailor-made as per the traveler’s needs.
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