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The Seat of the Dalai Lama
Entrenched amidst the coniferous forests of Kangra Valley, in close proximity to the Dhauladhar mountains, lies Dharamsala. Upper Dharamsala, or Mcleodganj, is the place of residence of the Dalai Lama. It is also the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile. It is populated mostly by Tibetans.
Quick Facts
  • Dharamsala was once the summer retreat of the British, before a major earthquake in 1905 caused them to turn to Shimla for the summers
Popular Attractions
  • Tsulag Khang, also referred to as the main temple or central cathedral, is located in Mcleodganj. It lies very close to the residence of the Dalai Lama as well as the Namgyal monastery. It contains three images which are of immense significance in Buddhism – the Shakyamuni Buddha, Avalokiteshwara and Padmasambhava
  • Norbulingka Institute was set up with the objective of preserving Tibetan language, art and culture. The place also has a nunnery and a doll museum
  • Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, as the name suggests, lives to nurture the various art forms of the Tibetans
  • The Tushita Meditation Centre provides a serene environment for those who want to delve into the tenets of Tibetan Buddhism in some detail
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • There are many trekking trails in and around Dharamsala and Dhauladhar. Triund is one of the better known ones
  • Dhauladhar also provides ample opportunities for rock climbing
  • There are a number of streams were one can go angling and fishing
  • Enjoy a cooking demonstartion and lunch with a local family
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