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The Land of the Thunder Dragon
Bhutan is a place that has managed to retain much of its pristine beauty over the years. Its many small towns seem untouched by the commercial onslaught, so you can partake of their wonderful landscapes and drive into the clouds without a care in the world.
Quick Facts
  • The druk or the ‘thunder dragon’ is the Bhutanese national symbol
  • The Takin is the national animal of Bhutan, a type of antelope which can be easily spotted at the Jigme Dorji National Park
  • Bhutan hosts a number of festivals through the year, replete with masked dancers in colourful costumes
Popular Attractions
  • Dzongs are Bhutan’s fortresses of yore, many of which today serve as administrative and religious centres. Lingshi Dzong and Gasa Dzong are the better known ones
  • The Taktsang monastery and the Cheri monastery are just two of Bhutan’s many Buddhist monasteries. Some of these are located on hilltops and visitors need to go through a gruelling climb before reaching them. The Taktsang monastery, also known as The Tiger’s Nest, is of added interest since it is located in a particularly precarious spot
  • The Chorten Kora, nestled in the midst of gardens, mountains and clouds, is a large stupa surrounded by pillars. The spring festival hosted here is very popular
  • Paro Market in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, has plenty of shops selling handicrafts, clothes and local liquors
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • There are many ways to experience the local feel and flavour of Bhutan. You could take a swig of Chang or Druk 11000, Bhutan’s own popular beers.  You could also try the salted butter tea, known as ‘suja’. The meat dishes here are heavily spiced with chillies to tickle the tastebuds. Betel nut or ‘doma’   is offered as a gesture of greeting. Rosy apples, fresh from the trees, are available at the country’s many apple orchards
  • Bhutan also offers splendid opportunities for trekking around its pretty mountain villages
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