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The Home to Mt Everest
Nepal is a land-locked region in the Himalayas. The north of Nepal has some of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including the awe-inspiring Mt Everest, making it a mountaineer’s delight. The southern regions are far more commercial. Nepal is believed to be the birthplace of the Buddha, but Hinduism is the religion of the majority here.
Quick Facts
  • Mt Everest is also referred to as Sagarmatha by the Nepalis, with sagar meaning ‘sky’ and matha meaning ‘head’
  • The Sherpas are a Nepalese ethnic group, reknowned for their mountaineering expertise and are often recruited as guides on challenging expeditions
Popular Attractions
  • Pashupathinath temple in Kathmandu is one of the largest Shiva temples in the worldever and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Chitwan National Park is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, elephant safaris take you on a tiger and rhino spotting mission. There are also boat trips which allow you to get a glimpse of the crocodiles and various bird species in the park
  • The Langtang region is a popular trekking route. It contains the Langtang National Park which is rich in varied flora and fauna. It also contains the Gosainkunda lake, considered sacred by the Hindus and the Kyanjin monastery
  • Barun Valley, situated inside the Makalu Barun National Park, is pristine and picture-perfect, with waterfalls, rocky landscapes, lush greenery, a profusion of wild flowers and snow- capped peaks
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • Mountain flight to see Mt Everest up close is once in a life time experience not be missed when in Nepal
  • Hikes and Cycle Trails in Chitwan is a good option for 1-2 days 
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