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The Tranquil Waters
The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of Kerala’s famous backwaters are the houseboats or ‘kettuvallams’ floating alongside a line of coconut trees. Formed by the meeting of fresh water from the rivers and sea water from the Arabian Sea, the backwaters foster a unique and serene eco-system that has for long attracted travelers.
Quick Facts
  • In earlier times, the houseboats were used to transport grain from the fields along the backwaters
  • The backwaters of Kerala are a network of interconnected canals, fed by thirty eight rivers, five large lakes and many inlets
  • Fresh water from the rivers meets the sea water to form the backwaters
Popular Attractions
  • Boat rides and cruises, including those which offer overnight stays and dining facilities, are considered to be the most unique points of a holiday on the backwaters. Ethnic touches like lanterns, thatched roofs and local delicacies, along with beautiful sights of lotuses, water lilies, birds and aquatic life often enhance the experience of these cruises
  • A number of resorts and ayurveda spas are located in the many towns along the backwaters
  • The Kuttanad region of Allapuzha is famous for its snake boat races which are held from time to time, with thousands of people gathering to cheer the participants
  • Munroe island in Kollam, a cluster of eight islands, has a rich variety of migratory birds
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • The backwater region can provide travelers with interesting glimpses of community life and vocations like coir making, prawn breeding, boat building and coconut oil extraction. Beypore near Kozhikode has a 1500 year tradition of boat building
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