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The Beauteous Forests
When one thinks of the Sunderbans, the picture that immediately comes to mind is that of a majestic tiger, slowly making its way through the thick foliage of the jungle. This huge forest cover of 2500 square kilometers is home to the world’s largest population of wild tigers.
The name Sunderbans is taken from ‘sunder’ meaning beautiful, and ‘ban’ meaning forest, and the place sure lives up to its name.
Quick Facts
  • The Sunderbans are declared as a World Heritage Site and a Tiger Reserve
  • The sub-species of tiger found in these forests is known as the Royal Bengal Tiger or Panthera Tigris Tigris. It is an endangered species
  • The Sunderbans lie partially in the Indian state of West Bengal, and partially in India’s neighbouring country Bangladesh. It is located within the Ganges delta
Popular Attractions
  • The Sunderbans are made up of mangrove swamps and forested islands, which provide a abundant natural habitat for not just the tiger but also other animals like spotted deer, crocodiles, boars and dolphins. Many varieties of birds, including the kingfisher, can also be spotted here. Boat cruises available for those who want to go on a tiger spotting expedition. The Sunderban forests feature prominently in many acclaimed novels and films and are celebrated in many Bengali folk songs and poems
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • The Bhagatpur Crocodile Project is a breeding farm/hatchery for estuarine crocodiles and is well worth visiting
  • Kanak is the nesting place of Olive Ridley Turtles
  • You can take extension tour to Sunderbans Ex Calcutta
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