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The Golden City
Set in the interiors of the Thar desert, Jaisalmer possesses the magic and mystique of the vast undulating sand dunes. In fact, the yellowish-golden hues of the desert have resulted in the place being known as ‘The Golden City’.
Jaisalmer was once a desert outpost on the strategic trading route between India and Central Asia. Today, the city is better known for its camel safaris, folk music and dance routines and the magnificent desert festival that happens in January/February each year.
Quick Facts
  • Today’s Jaisalmer City was founded in the middle of the 12th century
  • In Medieval times, its prosperity was due to its location on the main trade route linking India to Egypt and Arabia
Popular Attractions
  • Jaisalmer Fort, unlike most other historical forts, bustles with life and activity to this day. While it was once the scene of many battles, its winding alleys and lanes now have restaurants, shops, small hotels, private homes, a palace and even a number of Jain temples
  • Havelis are traditional, private mansions that once belonged to some of the wealthiest and most influential families of the region. Jaisalmer has a number of such havelis, the most grandiose of the lot being the Patwon-ki-haveli
  • Sam Sand Dunes, a few kilometers away from the main town, is known for camel and jeep safaris
  • Khuri, a small village, is another great place for camel safaris
The ‘’India Travellers’’ Experience
  • Jaisalmer is famous for beautiful mirror-work garments, bedsheets and wall-hangings. One may also chance upon rare antiques, sculpture and other artefacts, including some that reflect the region’s strong Jain cultural traditions
  • Said to be many millions of years old, the Akal wood fossils park is of immense archeological value. Among other things, the park has huge fossils of trees and animal shells, and further excavations continue to take place in the region
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